Jetsons Pornography Story: The Jetsons: Jane’s Disappointment 1

Jetsons Pornography Story: The Jetsons: Jane’s Disappointment 1

Jane Jetson sat in front of one of the family’s household computer monitors. She knew that what she was about to do would probably upset her and was somewhat of an invasion of her husband’s privacy but she also knew that she just had to know what he was doing on the Universally Galactic Wide Web whenever he’d stay up late at night on the damn thing. He was beginning to spend so much time on one of the household computers that their sex life was suffering and she was becoming one very unsatisfied and frustrated housewife.

She went online and told the voice recognition programming that she wanted to see George’s usage history, hoping that he’d forgotten to cover up his tracks. Sure enough, and true to form, George Jetson had failed to erase his history and it came up right in front of his beautiful redheaded wife’s prying eyes.

Jane surfed around from one web site to another for more than an hour, following the path of George’s surfing history; her eyes kept being drawn to the sexual scenes on the computer monitor. She noticed that on each site visited by her husband that all the women were attractive, redheaded, mature, with large breasts like hers, and all the men were aliens and had big, fat cocks. Many of the pictures showed, women giving the men blow jobs. She was amazed at how they managed to swallow those big, sometimes odd shaped cocks into their throats. Some of the web sites had stories that went along with the 3d imagery and Jane found herself becoming increasingly aroused as she read the stories while viewing the pictures.

The horny, frustrated housewife could feel her panties snug, tight fit against her, the smooth and soft silk pressing against, up and along her increasingly wet pussy. She licked her lips with the tip of her pink little tongue and let out a low moan, pressing her thighs together. Oh George, she thought, why do you keep your wonderful cock from me? I need you so desperately!

Her hands roamed across her thighs, then up and under her dress and straight to her pussy. She slid a hand into her panties and gently fingered her clit, exploring the moisture in her vagina, a fantasy of posing nude overcoming her, bringing her orgasm near… She imagined posing on some of these sexy and naughty sites and wondered if she would look quite as good as these models who shared so many attributes with her.

Jane was so overcome with the fantasy that she couldn’t help herself and started rubbing her clit furiously with two fingers in an irregular, frantic rhythm. She was very slippery and her pussy felt warm. She brought her other hand down, leaned further back into her chair, sliding two fingers into her pussy. She moaned softly under her breath, plunging her fingers in and out, as her other hand continuously rubbed her clit. Feeling her orgasm fast approaching, she quickly stuffed another digit into her dripping snatch, groaning with relief. She arched her back, meeting her three fingered thrusts; her climax flooding over her.

“Oh, fuck yes!” She cried out at the release and fell back panting. “Oh my,” Jane murmured, basking in her post-orgasmic glow, gently rubbing the smooth, delicate skin all around her pussy.

Jane suddenly remembered something one of the other housewives who belonged to the Galaxy Women Historical Society with her had once told her. There was a photographer who had done some erotic 3d imagery for this particular friend who had then presented the images to her husband as a gift. This woman had told Jane that those images had really rekindled their sex life.

Jane wondered if she could go through with something like that. Jane couldn’t quite believe that she was actually thinking of doing some nude 3d imaging. Something about viewing all of those sexually themed sites that George had been enjoying had changed her attitude about sex in such a short space of time. She finally decided that if it would get George back in bed with her she could and would do it so she looked the photographer up on the web and found his site.

The home page read: ‘We specialize in exclusive custom erotic poses — your privacy and complete satisfaction are guaranteed.’ Jane also read: ‘Our services are very discreet.’ Jane further worked up her courage and contacted the photographer and set up an imagery session. She found herself quite excited and could hardly wait for the appointment.


T.K. Cogswell had a great set up going. His photography studio specialized in ‘sexy’ photo shoots to help wives stimulate their sex lives. Cogswell would take tasteful semi-nude and even full nude shots of women and the women would then present the 3d images to their husbands as a gift and invariably those photos would help the couple restore some excitement to the bedroom.

T.K. also had a side business that most of his clients had absolutely no idea he ran. Cogswell took orders from several very wealthy, yet private clients for special fantasy hologram videos. These clients would send Cogswell their detailed requests and he would arrange the on screen talent and shoot the fantasy sequence and then deliver the finished product to the client. It was quite lucrative.

The latest request had come from his own uncle, who was also one of his biggest clients. His uncle was none other than the famous S.K. Cogswell, owner of Cogswell Cogs. Uncle S.K. wanted a video of a large breasted MILF being fucked by a Saturian stud. But the kicker was that she had to unknowingly submit to the alien. This troubled T.K. He wondered how he would be able to pull this one off. His uncle was basically asking him to make a rape video. He couldn’t do this; it would ruin him if he were to be caught.

One of T.K.’s best friend’s was from Saturn. Troy and T.K. had attended Venetian U. together. Maybe they could fake the scene with a hired actress well enough that he could fool his old perverted uncle and collect the huge sum of currency. T.K. decided to give Troy a call and see if he could pay him a visit and help out an old friend.


Two days later Troy had arrived. They were in T.K.’s studio waiting for his next client, another wife wanting a nude photo shoot to present the images to her husband.

While they waited Troy and T.K. began to brainstorm on how they would accomplish the feat of producing the explicit holographic images to fill Uncle Cogwell’s order. They decided that Troy would be the Saturian talent, but they needed to figure out who would fill the talent position of the Earth woman and how they would go about getting her to unknowingly submit to having Troy fuck her.

“I think I may have a solution to this conundrum,” Troy stated, holding up a small, clear vial that appeared to contain something resembling powder.

The Saturian explained to Cogswell that the vial of powder he held in his hand had originally been developed as a libido booster for women on Saturn who suffered from abnormally low sex drives. It had later been discovered, quite by accident, that when Earthling women were given a dose of the powder the drug worked as a super aphrodisiac. Troy promised that whoever they wound up administering the drug to would be virtually climbing the walls with an unsuppressed horniness.

“That’s all great, but how do we get a woman to take the drug? It’s not like we can just exactly say. ‘Hey take this. It’ll make you really super horny!'” Cogswell replied skeptically.

Troy chuckled at his friend. “No, no. You mix the powder into her drink. The powder instantly dissolves when it comes in contact with a liquid. You don’t even have to stir it to mix it in. It’s colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Plus, here’s the kicker; in earthlings, once the drug metabolizes in her body it is completely undetectable so you can give it to whichever woman you choose, fuck her brains loose, and then if she claims she was drugged there will be absolutely no evidence to support her claims. I doubt that she would even make such a claim though, she’ll be so horny that she’ll be begging for cock.”

At that very moment Cogswell’s receptionist stuck her head into the studio door. “Your next client is here.”

“Thanks Xandra,” T.K. said. “Why don’t you show her back and then take the rest of the day off. This is my last appointment.”

Xandra left the room and returned a moment later trailed by an attractive, statuesque, curvaceous redheaded MILF. “This is Jane Jetson,” she said as she turned to leave the room.

“It’s so nice to meet you Jane. I’m T.K. Cogswell and this is my assistant, Troy.”

“Nice to meet you too,” Jane replied with an award winning smile.

“Uh, boss? Could I speak with you for a second?” Troy asked T.K.

They walked over toward the far corner of the spacious studio and huddled, speaking in hushed voices.

“This is the one T.K.” The Saturian stated glancing back at Jane. “I want to fuck her.”

“Okay. So what do we do?”

“Tell her what the procedure for the shoot is and then say that she looks nervous and offer her a glass of wine to help calm her nerves. I’ll slip the powder into her glass when I go to get the wine.” Troy said with a smile and both men walked back over to where Jane was patiently waiting.

Jane didn’t like the looks of the Saturian. The way he looked at her made her skin crawl. She thought that the tall, skinny men from Saturn with large egg shaped heads were ugly. She had heard stories about these orange skinned Saturians though. She heard that they were great lovers. The suction cups on their finger tips were supposedly just divine, but she had also heard that there were suction cups on their cocks that could do wonders inside of a woman. There was also a story that they could control their cocks to a degree that would put any Earth man to shame.

“Mrs. Jetson, would you like me to explain the procedure to you?”

“Your receptionist told me a little about it and she showed me some of you work you’ve done for other women. I’m very impressed with your work. You’re really quite talented. So I guess I know a little bit about this but you can tell me where we go from here, though,” Jane replied. 

“Okay, this is the studio where the images will be taken. When you feel ready we’ll have you disrobe, then climb onto the bed and pose. We will only make the imagery as risqué as you feel comfortable with.” T.K. explained.

“Okay,” Jane replied, her face turning a slight shade of pink.

“You look a little nervous Mrs. Jetson. Would you like some wine to help calm your nerves?” Cogswell asked.

“Uh, yes. That would be nice.” She replied.

“What are you looking for out of these photos?” Cogswell further asked her as Troy poured Jane a glass of wine and artfully slipped the powdered aphrodisiac into the burgundy colored elixir where it dissolved into the wine on contact.

“Well, I want to give my husband some images of me as a surprise gift for his birthday and to, well, to get him excited,” Jane said, this time blushing deeply. “You know, some, um, really intimate images?”

“I see,” T.K. said as Troy handed Jane her wine, watching her take a long sip. “Don’t worry Mrs. Jetson, we have a lot of experience at this sort of thing and we’ll give you just what you need.”

“Thank you. That would be wonderful,” she said smiling now.

“As soon as you finish your wine we’ll get started.”

Jane quickly gulped down her wine and then handed the glass back to Troy. She was becoming nervous and was starting to doubt her decision to come here, wondering if she could go on with it. Her mouth was suddenly dry, her heart racing, and her breath caught in her throat.

T.K. noticed her nervousness. He’d seen it often enough in just about every first time model. He knew he needed to set Jane at ease.

“There’s no need to be embarrassed,” said Cogswell, “I’m really looking forward to photographing you. This really is going to be a pleasure.”

“What? How?” Jane asked, alarm coming through in her voice.

“Relax Mrs. Jetson, I mean that you are a very beautiful woman and it’s always nice to have an attractive model. You wouldn’t believe some of the women who come in here,” T.K. said, showing a shudder with a look of disgust on his face. “Some of these women, well, let’s just say that they shouldn’t be nude in the light of day,” he said with a chuckle.

Jane laughed, “Oh, I see.”

No you don’t bitch, but you will, Troy thought as he eyed her curvaceous figure.

“Whenever you’re ready why don’t you take your clothes off and climb up on the bed,” T.K. told her.

“Okay,” Jane replied, blushing again.

Jane had worn a tight blue mini dress to the image shoot that emphasized the curves of her big, round tits. Although the dress was fairly modest by most standards, it clung to every curve, showing off her high, full tits, small waist and curvy hips to their best advantage.

Gathering up all of her courage she kicked off her shoes and then undid the fasteners for her dress, pausing to take a deep breath she shrugged it off her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor, leaving her clad only in a sheer periwinkle bra and panties set. A ripple of apprehension tapped up her spine just as droplets of perspiration trickled between her breasts.

Both men’s eyes widened as they got a good look at Jane’s body as she removed her bra and panties. She blushed as she stepped out of her panties, noting that both men were watching in awe as her perfect body was revealed to their hungry eyes, both smiled as they took in her nudity.

The redheaded wife and mother of two had always looked good, even right after pregnancy. Jane had a lean, hourglass figure with big, heavy breasts that even now produce little sag, her large nipples pointing straight out from her wide areolas.

She felt goose bumps forming on her skin as she stood before these strangers nude, Jane also could feel moisture forming between her legs, the ever-present horniness growing in intensity. She felt very vulnerable yet a stirring excitement all at the same time, fully enjoying the liberating feeling of being seen in such a revealing state.

She saw the unmistakable bulge of an erection down the front of T.K.’s pants. Jane smiled and absentmindedly licked her lips at the sight of his erection, she was very flattered that a man nearly half her age had become excited and developed a hard on from her nudity. Thinking about the erection before her sent of flood of juices to her pussy and a bevy of images of hard cocks floating through her mind. Jane had been unusually horny since the last time George had sex with her. Absently she brushed a strand of soft auburn hair behind her ear; licking her lips she continued to stare at the covered erection which caused her to grow hornier yet.

T.K. peered at Jane, a more penetrating stare than before, almost predatory as he sized her up, enjoying her attributes and thinking to himself: Holy jumpin’ Jesus!

“Why don’t you get up on the bed and we’ll get started,” Cogswell said.

“Like this?” Jane turned and asked after seductively climbing onto the bed. “Now what do I do?”

“Lie down on your side and give me a sexy pout. Good, just like that!” T.K. said as he began taking several images of her.

As he ran Jane through a variety of poses, she found that she was actually enjoying herself more and more. She loved being the focus of attention — more than she had ever expected she might, even with being completely nude.

Jane continued posing for the camera as Cogswell watched in silence. He was paying more attention to the behavior of the fully stacked body of this redheaded mother before him. He wondered if the Saturian was true to his word and if the aphrodisiac would really work. It had been about ten minutes since she’d finished her wine and he could see some slight changes coming over her. He wasn’t sure if they were from the powder or if maybe she was one of those women who found a degree of excitement from posing nude in front of total strangers.

Jane was lying on her back and had propped herself up on her elbows with her legs slightly spread out and bent, her red hair cascading down to her shoulders, framing her beautiful face. Her skin had slightly become blush on her face, her thighs, her neck, and on her chest above her breasts. Her thighs were spreading a little further apart now and then and he could see her hips rotating in a slight humping motion. He looked between her thighs and noted that her pink pussy lips were beginning to open up and were also visibly wet. She had a beautiful cunt that was intoxicating to look at, a nice tight, pink slit topped by a well-trimmed red bush. Jane began to nibble and lick her lips slightly. Cogswell smiled, the Saturian was as good as his word, and he knew the drug was taking effect and that he’d soon be able to make his movie.

Jane suddenly realized that she was so extremely fucking horny. She could feel it deep in her cunt, spreading through her body as if it was taking over her every thought. She closed her spread legs and rubbed her thighs together as she felt her pussy getting wetter and her clit get more sensitive, screaming for attention with each passing second.

My God, why was she suddenly so horny now? Why in front of these complete strangers? Was she this frustrated with George? She hadn’t been fucked by him in more than three weeks and now that frustration was just adding to her quickly overflowing lust. Jane closed her eyes for just a second as she flicked her tongue quickly over her lips and then nibbled on her lower lip as her toes curled onto the black satin sheets. She was unconsciously rubbing her thighs and humping her hips which were getting her more excited by the minute.

I really need a nice hard cum right now! Jane desperately thought in her head. She let a small whimper escape from her lips. Suddenly she realized that the photographer was talking to her.

“Mrs. Jetson? Mrs. Jetson? If you want to really make these pictures sexy and exciting for your husband why don’t you play with you beautiful breasts?”

That was a good idea. She could make these pictures really sexy and then George would really want to fuck her. God she was so horny.

“Squeeze your tits together and tug on your nipples,” he suggested as he watched the busty redheaded MILF lying before him, her legs spread wide with an eagerness that he knew to be perverse.

Jane eagerly did as she was told, cupping her large breasts. Her hands rubbed her tits, pushing them together and then she found her very sensitive nipples and began tugging and rolling them. Her cunt flooded with a new wave of juices and the pleasure in her body climbed, demanding release.

“You know, if you really want to make these pictures special, you should play with your pussy.”

Yes! What a great idea, she thought as she bit her lower lip. That would really get George going, plus she desperately wanted to touch her burning hot, wet pussy and this was the perfect excuse for doing it in front of these strangers.

“Oh, God.” She moaned softly as she lay back on the bed and let one of her hands slide down to her perfectly trimmed red bush. She immediately began to work her fingers around her ultra sensitive wet lips before she eagerly shoved three of them in. Her other hand griped her left nipple tightly and began tugging as she worked her pussy. “Oh fuck!” She exclaimed as she finally began to work on gaining her much needed release. She started playing with herself in earnest, using her fingers to open herself to the cameras, and then burying them inside her cunt only to pull them out all wet and shiny.

Something wild had suddenly burst forth within Jane, something utterly whorish. Her whole body felt hot, tingling with lust. She closed her eyes as she worked her fingers in and out of her pussy making loud wet sucking noises. Her other hand was rubbing her jiggling tits as they stood out on her chest, her nipples straining against the cool air, begging to be sucked on. She smiled at the thought of George’s lips on her little nipples as she spread her firm smooth legs even wider. Her hips were really working against her hand as her fingers pumped in and out of her horny pink hole.

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